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How does the Highrise chat filter work?
How does the Highrise chat filter work?
Updated over a week ago

How does the Highrise chat filter work?

Our shiny new system is designed to keep the chat in Highrise as friendly and respectful as the neighborhood dog (minus the slobber). It keeps a keen eye out for nasties like harassment, explicit content, and hate speech, while still letting you chat about life, the universe, and why pineapple on pizza is controversial.

So what's allowed and what's not? If it's in our Community Guidelines' naughty list, it'll tickle our filter's radar. Casual swearing? Sure, we're 13+, after all. But targeted abuse, explicit stuff, or a vocabulary that would make a sailor blush? That'll be a no-go.

Here's the fun part: our filter is smarter than your average bear. It looks at words in context, not just individually. So, whether you're talking about soccer balls or... well, other balls, it knows the difference.

Each player gets a reputation based on their chat history. Think of it like a social credit score. If you're the model citizen of chat land, you'll enjoy more chat privileges. But if you're a serial disturber of the peace, some of those privileges might be put on pause.

Slip up and get a bad rep? No worries! You can get back in our good books by behaving nicely. Reputation is fluid - it doesn't change instantly, and you won't be branded a villain for one angry message. Just keep the chat clean and friendly for a bit, and you'll be back in the green.

We're still tweaking and tuning the system, so we appreciate your patience during this "getting it just right" phase. Got feedback, or questions, or just want to say hi? Drop us a line at [email protected]. We're all ears!

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