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How does Tipping work?

Wondering How Our Tipping System Works? Check This Article Out to Find Out More!

Updated over a week ago

Ever wonder what tipping is all about in Highrise? Well, think of it as a high-five, but with gold bars! It's our nifty little way to share the love with other players in the same room.

Here's your step-by-step guide to becoming a pro-tipper:

  1. Spot a player you'd like to tip? Just tap on them when you're both hanging out in the same room.

  2. This will bring up their mini-profile menu, with options to wave, wink, or heart. But what's that shiny gold coin on the far right? that's the tipping option. Alternatively, you can hit the '+' symbol in a direct message and choose the 'Tip Gold' option.

  3. Slide to show your generosity. You can tip gold bar values of 1G, 5G, 10G, 50G, 100G, 500G, 5,000G, or even a whopping 10,000G!

  4. Don't have gold bars handy? No worries! You can morph your regular gold into gold bars right there in the tipping system. Just remember, the gold conversion taxman cometh, so a 500G tip, for example, will actually cost you 550G.

  5. Don't want to hand your tip directly to another player? No worries, drop it in their tip jar to show some appreciation.

So go ahead, spread some gold love around! Tipping: it's just our way of making Highrise a little richer.

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