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How Do I Create Photo, Video, and Text Posts?
How Do I Create Photo, Video, and Text Posts?

Need Some Help Creating Your First Post?

Updated over a week ago

Ready to show off your IRL adventures and collect some sweet, sweet likes? Here's how to share your real-world snaps and jazz up your profile:

  • Start on the Newsfeed page, on the top you'll see the options 'Text' for text posts and 'Photo' for Photo/Video posts.

  • If you're having issues, remember to give Highrise permission in your phone’s photo-sharing settings. If you're met with a blank 'Library' or 'Camera,' this permission probably has not been granted.

  • On your iPhone, iPod, or iPad, you can invite us in through Settings > Privacy. If you're on Team Android, go to Settings -> Privacy -> Permission Manager, and voila! Highrise can now access your photos and device storage.

  • Selected your photo or video or finished your text masterpiece? Just hit 'Share' in the top right-hand corner, and let the likes roll in!

Snap away, and let the world of Highrise see your fabulous posts!

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