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How Do I Delete a Post or Comment?
How Do I Delete a Post or Comment?

Undo, Delete, and Vanish: Erasing Posts and Comments with a Flick of a Finger

Updated over a week ago

Have you posted something a tad too cheeky or simply want a do-over? Hey, we've all been there – dancing thumbs, sly autocorrect, or just a sudden change of heart, right? No worries, we're the eraser to your pencil!

Deleting your posts:

  • Spot those three naughty dots (ellipsis icon) chilling at the top-right of your post? Give 'em a tap, then tap on the 'delete’ option.

Deleting your comments:

  • Firmly press and hold on to your comment. A screen will pop up offering you a delete option. Tap it, and you're all done, your comment is now deleted.

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