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How Do I Add Music to My Room?
How Do I Add Music to My Room?

Rock the Room: Step-by-Step Guide to Adding Music in Your Highrise Room

Updated over a week ago

Party without tunes? As exciting as watching paint dry, right? Or, perhaps you're seeking Zen and need the gentle strums of a mandolin wafting through your digital garden. Whatever your vibe, let's add some beats to your room!

Here's your backstage pass to setting the soundtrack:

  1. Find your way to 'Room Settings'. You can either tap on the room name when you're standing in it or click the “i” icon next to the room name in your rooms list.

  2. Hit "Edit" in the upper right corner. It's like the secret password to your room's control panel.

  3. In the Basic Information tab, tap on the field labeled "Radio." It's not a time machine, but it'll sure feel like it when the music starts playing!

  4. Search for Shoutcast radio stations and just tap on your chosen station. The music will start spinning automatically in your room, turning it into your private concert!

Feel like switching up the soundtrack later? Just dance back to this page to change the radio station. And if you're after some peace and quiet, head to "Radio" in Room Settings and tap "Clear Music" in the upper right corner.

Remember, the right tune can make your room, so choose your vibe and hit play!

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