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What Is Spectating?

Welcome to the Spectator's Lounge: Enjoying the Highrise Room Experience from the Sidelines

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Got an audience? Flip on Spectating and let countless eyes enjoy the spectacle unfolding in your room. It's like a reality show, but way more interesting!

Turning on Spectating is as simple as flicking a light switch. Just stroll over to your Room Settings. Remember, only the Room Owner has the power to turn on or off the Spectating spotlight. Let's show the world how it's done!

So, you're curious about this Spectating mode, huh? Think of it as your personal TV channel - when your room is bursting at the seams, any newcomers transform into spectators, silently watching the magic unfold.

Finding out who's watching is easy peasy! Just pop into the "People in Room" tab, and you'll see a list of spectators and active visitors.

Wondering what spectators can do? Well, they can:

  • Enjoy the show, watching avatars and text chats in action

  • Tune into a live Voice Chat, just like a podcast

  • Send Tips to any player strutting their stuff in the room

  • Shoot off emoji reactions (hearts, winks) to show appreciation

But, there are a few no-nos for spectators. They can't:

  • Stroll around or be seen in the room (it's a no-ghost zone!)

  • Join in the text chat or Voice Chat

If a spot opens up, all the spectators will get an invite to join the room. It's a race - the quickest to hit "Join" gets in. But hey, no pressure! If you prefer being a silent observer, keep on spectating till the cows come home!

So you're a wallflower at heart, and you just want to watch? I got you! As long as the room owner has enabled the Spectating feature and the room is filled to the brim, you can slip into spectator mode - no mingling necessary!

Worried about a crowd? Don't be! Your room is a theater, and there's no limit on ticket sales. Pack in as many spectators as you like, the more, the merrier!

Now, let's chat about the law of the land. In the wild world of spectating, rules are the same for everyone. Just like any other visitor, Spectators can be kicked, banned, and reported by room moderators. And yes, you can report someone who's misbehaving, too. It's our collective responsibility to keep this a fun and safe space for all, right? So, let's watch out for each other!

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