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Where do I buy furniture?
Where do I buy furniture?

The Ultimate Shopping Guide: Furnishing Your Highrise with Style

Updated over a week ago

If you're ready to decorate, stop by our Store to pick up some furni!

  • Simply enter design mode in a room you have design rights to by clicking the pencil and ruler icon in the top right-hand corner of your screen.

  • Select "shop" option in the bottom right-hand corner

  • The storefront window will pop up, this shows off our recent snags and highlight collections - you can scroll through this at the top.

  • Our furniture library is organized by type and flaunts featured collections. Pay with bubbles for most items, but for those high-rolling pieces, you'll need gold.

Can't find that elusive piece of furniture that you're pining for? That may mean it's an old grab item. Once a grab has finished, the only way to obtain that specific item is from another player who owns it. In cases like this, we'd recommend browsing around the Marketplace. You never know, you might find the exact item you're looking for!

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