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What are Second-Hand Grabs?
What are Second-Hand Grabs?

Your Personal Vending Machines: A Guide to Second-Hand Grabs in Highrise

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What are Second-hand Grabs?

Second-hand grabs are like your personal vending machines for grabs! Place them in your room, stuff them with your items, and let other players try their luck. The best part? You keep 70% of all the gold your machine rakes in.

How Do They Work?

Think of it as your own mini lottery. You can add or remove items whenever you want and set the draw price anywhere from 1 to 99,999 gold. You also get to set the odds for different rarity levels (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary).

Worried About Unfair Odds?

Relax! The probability percentage is always displayed on Second-hand Grabs. So, if you're feeling lucky, give it a whirl!

What Happens When a Rarity Runs Out?

Here's the scoop: when all items of a specific rarity are drawn, that rarity's odds get added to the lowest remaining one. So, if your Rare items run out, their odds get passed on to the Common ones.

Can I Monitor My Grab Activity?

Absolutely! You can see who drew from your grab, what they got, and how much gold they spent, all through the handy history button on the Second-hand Grab interface.

What Can Visitors Do?

Visitors can view your username, check out the odds, draw from the grab, and keep track of updates and wins. They'll also get notified if you disable the grab or if all items are drawn. It's as transparent as a freshly cleaned window!

What do the indicators mean?

Setup (Owner)

Ready to claim (Owner)

Grab enabled (Owner & Visitor)

Enabled grab

Empty grab

Disabled grab

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