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What Are Progress Rewards?
What Are Progress Rewards?

Unlocking Progress Rewards and Legendary Items

Updated over a week ago

What are Progress Rewards?

Think of Progress Rewards as delightful bonuses you get for spinning grabs and collecting new items - a little treat on your journey to that coveted Legendary!

How to Unlock Progress Rewards?

Spin and win! Unlock Progress Rewards by spinning and nabbing unique items from a grab. All Rare and Epic items help fill your Progress Meter, but duplicates don't count. The Progress Rewards usually pop up halfway or 3/4 of the way towards the total items needed to snag the grab's Legendary.

Take a grab with 16 items, for example. You'd get the Progress Reward after spinning and winning 10 unique items out of 16. This reward doesn't count towards unlocking the Legendary – it's just a pat on the back for getting closer to your goal!

Spotting Grabs with Progress Rewards?

Grabs with Progress Rewards have an extra Progress Reward Meter under the standard Completion Reward Meter. It shows your current tally of unique items and how many more you need for the Progress Reward.

Claiming the Progress Reward?

Easy peasy! Once your Progress Meter is full, the Progress Reward is auto-claimed. Spin that final item, and a fancy animation will pop up with your reward. Tap on the grab ball and boom! Your reward is in your closet inventory.

Extra Queries?

Are all Progress Rewards account-bound?

Initially, yes. Our first couple of grabs with Progress Rewards use account-bound items. But we're all for shaking things up. Keep an eye out – who knows what might pop up next!

Do all Progress Rewards require the same number of items to unlock?

Not at all! Different grabs need varying numbers of items to complete. So, the count of items needed to unlock Progress Rewards can differ too.

Can I get the Progress Reward again once I complete the whole grab?

Absolutely! After claiming the Legendary and finishing the grab, all progress resets. Your Progress and Completion Meters hit zero, and you can spin the grab from scratch, unlocking all its rewards as many times as you wish. Let the fun begin...again!

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