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User Design Contest Feature (UDC)
User Design Contest Feature (UDC)
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What’s the UDC feature?

User Design Contest (UDC) is a feature that allows players to submit their own item designs for various art competitions here at Highrise. Winning designs will be turned into real items by the art team.

What kinds of contests will this be used for?

All the contests! Here’s a quick refresher on the different types of art and design contests we run.

  1. Grab Design Contests: players make a full grab of 12-15 unique items. Graabs are released in major events, and winners will receive the full grab (with their name credited!) alongside a gold prize.

  2. Mini Design Contests: players design items or accessories for a grab or shop collection, and also receive name credit, gold, and the items themselves.

  3. Art Design Contests: make a card, item, or decoration and have your work added directly to the game!

Remember! All contests have a cooldown period which will preclude a winner’s eligibility for that contest type for one contest cycle. For example, if you win a Grab Contest, you won’t be able to enter the next Grab Contest, but you can still enter a Mini Design or Art Design Contest.

Where do I find this feature?

The UDC system is accessible on web ( while a contest is running. Each time a contest starts, Highrise EN will make an announcement post with the contest dates and a link to the submission tool.

How does the new tool work?

Inside the web menu, you’ll see a set of contest stages running from:






  1. SUBMISSION Stage: This is the only period at which you can - you know - submit your entry. The Browse tab will be empty at this stage, so you won’t be able to view other user’s entries or cast any votes. Tab over to My Submissions to see your entries, and long press on a submission to pull up the Action Menu.

  2. VOTING Stage: During this phase, you can start browsing through all contest entries; these are anonymous and randomized for each person. You’ll be given a limited number of votes that you can use to boost your favorite designs. Votes cannot be withdrawn once cast, so choose carefully!

  3. WAITING FOR RESULTS Stage: Highrise Staff will review and assemble the top-voted entries into a list of finalists. Hang tight - we’ll notify you when this stage is over!

  4. FINAL VOTE Stage: Cast your ballot for the top entry! Navigate through the Browse feature to pick your favorite entry from among the finalists. You’ll only have one vote, and you won’t be able to take it back once cast, so choose carefully!

  5. WINNERS ANNOUNCED Stage: Check back in to view the contest winners and runner ups! At this point, no other entries will be visible, but you can still view your own designs by tabbing back to My Submissions.

Frequently Asked Questions

If entries are anonymous, can I still add my name to my submission?

Yes! You may watermark your design with your name or logo. Sharing your design on your profile via a newsfeed post is also allowed, so feel free to chat about your entries. However, remember that offering Gold or other incentives to the community to vote on your entry is not allowed, and will get you disqualified.

I want to delete my entry! How!?

While you’re in the UDC web tool, tab over to “My Submissions.” Long press on the entry you want to delete to pull up the action menu.

I accidentally voted for an entry I totally hate. Can I take my vote back?

Nope! Sorry about that pal, but all votes are final. Choose carefully!

I'm getting a weird error message when I try to submit!

Make sure your image dimensions don't exceed 1080x1080! You won't be able to submit your entry if your images are too big, so get them down to size to enter the contest.

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