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Style Challenge Event Guide
Style Challenge Event Guide

A guide for our Style event

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What are Style Challenge Events?

The Style Challenge event in Highrise is all about fashion and creativity. Players can participate as Models or Judges, with different strategies for each role.

As a Model

  • Dress to Impress: Choose outfits that align with the event's theme.

  • Submitting Your Avatar: Once dressed, submit your avatar for voting.

  • Boosts: Use items like Lucky Tokens to increase the amount of tickets you earn each time another user votes for you.

  • Earning Tickets: You earn Model tickets each time another player votes for your outfit.

As a Judge

  • Voting: Choose between two players, picking the one that best fits the theme.

  • Earning Tickets: Judge tickets are earned for each successful vote. A successful vote is if you vote for the same model that the majority of people think fits the event's theme.

  • Combo Multiplier: Consistently choosing the popular outfit increases your combo multiplier, earning you more tickets.

  • Magic Glasses: Use this item to see the more popular model, guaranteeing you a correct vote.


  • Party Time: Take advantage of this period every 6 hours for a 30% ticket boost.

  • Magic Glasses: Save magic glasses to use during party time or to keep your ticket combos going.

For a comprehensive overview of general event details, along with useful tips and tricks, click below to explore our Event Guide!

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