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Donate Event Guide
Donate Event Guide

A guide for our Donate event

Updated over a week ago

What are Donate events?

In Donate events, players collect items and donate those specific items to NPCs looking for them.

How to Participate

  • Collect Items: Tap bubbles above other players to collect various items

  • Donate to NPCs: Find NPCs requesting specific items from the items you collected and donate to them. Some NPCs like Banana Bo may appear after a certain amount of successful donating and turning in the correct items to them will offer bonus tickets.

  • Earn Tickets: Each donation earns Individual tickets.

Friendship Meter

  • Filling the Meter: Each donation increases your friendship meter.

  • Benefits: A full meter yields more tickets per donation


  • Individual Tickets: Earned from donations.

  • Participation Milestones: Earn rewards by reaching ticket milestones.

  • Crew Score: Cumulative total of tickets earned by crew members.


  • Gather in Bulk: Collect items in bulk before donating to save time

  • Use Party Time Wisely: Maximize your ticket earnings during this period to take advantage of the 30% boost multiplier.

For a comprehensive overview of general event details, along with useful tips and tricks, click below to explore our Event Guide!

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