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What is Grab Swapping?
What is Grab Swapping?

Learn the ins and outs of our Grab Swapping feature

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Grab Swapping

What is Grab swapping?

The Grab Swapping feature allows you to exchange items you've won from a Grab for a chance to receive a different item from a rarity-based loot table. This gives you a second opportunity to potentially improve the value of your prizes and helps reduce duplicates in your inventory.

How do I know my chances of winning an item from the loot table?

We've introduced a dedicated screen displaying explicit probabilities for winning each item within a Grab, not just on the Grab Swapping loot table, but all on all Grabs. This ensures transparency and helps you make informed decisions when participating in Grabs.

How does the swapping process work?

To swap an item, you'll need to select it for swapping. After holding the Swap button for 3 seconds, the swapping sequence begins. The item will spin and, upon tapping, will reveal the new item you've received in exchange.

If I swap my items, will I lose my progress in a grab?

Nope! You'll retain your progress. Completion and Progress rewards are based on the initial winnings. Rewards are given after pressing "Got it," even if you swap the item later. So feel free to swap them if you want!

How can I see which items are swappable?

Items eligible for swapping will have a "Swappable" label on the banner of Grabs that include this feature. This label is visible both on the Grab screen and in the Store.

This new feature aims to enhance your experience by providing more flexibility and opportunities to improve your collection. Happy swapping!

Do I Have to Swap My Items Immediately When I Win Them?

You do not have to swap your items immediately after winning them. As long as the grab is up, you'll be able to swap your items from that grab. However, when the grab expires you will no longer be able to swap items from that grab.

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