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Inbox Calls

Voice chat directly from your inbox with Inbox Calls! Start private, group, or crew calls effortlessly, enhancing communication in Highrise.

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Welcome to Inbox Calls—Your New Way to Chat in Highrise!

Get ready to elevate your in-game communications with Inbox Calls, our brand-new feature that lets you voice chat right from the Inbox. Whether you're chatting 1:1, hanging out in a group, or coordinating with your crew, Inbox Calls seamlessly integrate into your Highrise experience.

All about Inbox Calls, your questions answered:

What are Inbox Calls?

Inbox Calls is a feature that allows you to initiate voice chats directly within Highrise, no matter where you are in the app. You can make private 1:1 calls, join group calls, or participate in crew voice chats.

Can I use the Inbox Call feature if I'm under 18?

Sorry, young Highrisers! Users under 18 cannot join or make calls. This is to keep everyone on Highrise safe.

How do I start a 1:1 Call?

Just tap the “Call” button in your private chat, and you're all set. The call interface will show who is speaking, and you can manage audio settings easily from there.

Click the call icon at the top of a 1:1 chat to send a call invite

File:Eo circle green arrow-down.svg

When the other party joins, the icon will change to indicate they've joined the call

How do I initiate a Group Call?

Open a group chat, hit the “Call” button at the top, same as in a 1:1 chat, and start talking. You can invite others to the call by tapping 'Invite,' where you can add individuals to join the ongoing conversation.

What about Crew Chat Calls?

Starting a crew call is just as simple. In your crew chat, tap on the “Call” button to connect with your entire crew at once. It's perfect for planning and executing your event strategies!

Who can participate in Inbox Calls?

All users over the age of 18 can enjoy Inbox Calls. It costs nothing to use and does not require any subscriptions.

Can I receive calls when not active in the app?

Yes! You'll see a notification if someone calls you while you're inactive. If you don’t want to miss these notifications, make sure to turn on notifications in Settings!

How do I invite more people to a call?

During any call, tap the 'Invite' button. Depending on your privacy settings and theirs, you can add friends—and friends of friends—to the call.

Managing Calls: Adjust Settings During a Call?

Tap the “•••” button during a call to adjust sound settings. You can also leave a call from this menu.

Can I talk in a Room, Voice chat, and Inbox Call at the same time?

While on an inbox call, you can still listen to any room's voice chat to keep up with the conversation there. However, if you want to speak in the room's voice chat, you'll need to leave your Inbox Call. It’s easy—just a tap away to switch from personal to public chat spaces!

What are all the different types of calls?

  • 1:1 Personal Calls: Ideal for private, one-on-one conversations.

  • Group Calls: Great for chatting with multiple friends; perfect for socializing or coordinating activities.

  • Crew Calls: Keep your crew in the loop, perfect for group strategy sessions or just catching up.

I was invited to a group voice chat but didn't get a notification; what happened?

If someone has invited you to join an active group call, you'll only get a notification you were already a member of that group chat beforehand. If you weren't, you won't get a notification, which will be sent to your Message Requests inbox. You can then navigate to your message requests and join the group call from there.

That should be everything, go out and start chatting today!

Jump into Inbox Calls and discover a fun, new way to communicate in Highrise. Whether you’re planning your next big event or just chatting with friends, Inbox Calls add that perfect personal touch. Ready, set, call! 🎉📞🌐

Here’s to clearer connections and exciting conversations in the world of Highrise. Happy chatting!

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