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Why didn't I get my gold from a Sponsor's offer?
Why didn't I get my gold from a Sponsor's offer?

Watched an Ad and Missing Your Gold? Check Here!

Updated over a week ago

Craving some free gold? Well, our Cash Shop is the gold mine you're looking for! Just scroll to the bottom, and voila! You can take on sponsor offers for some dazzling free gold. It's like a treasure hunt, but without the need to get your hands dirty!

But what if you've completed an offer and your gold is nowhere to be found? Fear not, we've got a map to guide you:

See, we at Highrise are great at many things, but handling gold from sponsors isn't our forte. So, you'll need to get in touch with the parent company, like Tapjoy or Fyber (not the game itself, like Mobile Strike). Luckily, you can reach them without leaving Highrise. Here's the secret path:

  1. Tap 'shop' (it's hiding in the bottom right-hand corner).

  2. At the shop, choose 'cash store'.

  3. Now, scroll down to the very bottom where the offerwall partner offers are hanging out. Instead of a price, you'll see a welcoming 'Go'.

  4. Hit 'Go' for the provider you used (like hitting the bullseye!).

  5. If your provider was IronSource, click 'in-progress'. If it's Tapjoy, hit the three lines in the top left corner and choose 'Reward Status'.

  6. Tap on the offer that's still holding your gold hostage.

  7. On the bottom left of this page, there's a 'missing gold' button. Give it a tap.

  8. In the bottom left of the next page, you'll find a 'contact support' option. Tap this to send a support ticket to our offer partner. They'll play detective and help you unearth your missing gold.

Remember, the 'contact support' option will only appear after 24 hours on an 'in-progress' offer. So give them the lowdown on your gold woes, and they'll be on the case! Happy gold-digging!

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