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What Are Crew Rooms?

Building Community: How to Create and Customize Crew Rooms in Highrise

Updated over a week ago

Dreaming of a crew clubhouse? Longing for a joint project? Look no further than Crew Rooms! It's your favorite hangout spot, customized by your crew, perfect for just hanging or flexing your team's creative muscle in our build competitions!

Ready to break ground? Here's how you set the stage:

  1. Stroll over to the Room Directory page. It's a click away on the little door icon at your screen's lower-left corner.

  2. Tap "My Rooms" on the bottom bar - your own little corridor to all your rooming wonders.

  3. At the screen's top, you'll see three tabs: "My Rooms," "Crew Rooms," and "Favorites." Go ahead, tap on the Crew Rooms tab. We dare ya!

  4. Found the bottom of the Crew Room list? Great! Now hit "Add Room." Tada! You've just made a Crew Room!

Think of this room as a shared clubhouse. Every crew member co-owns it and can play interior designer. Tweak who can enter and who can keep the peace under room settings. But, just like a real clubhouse, no nabbing each other's stuff! You can move any placed furniture, but only its owner can remove it.

So gather your crew, pull out your virtual tools, and start constructing your cozy crew corner!

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