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What are the Reward Probabilities for Grabs owned by Highrise?
What are the Reward Probabilities for Grabs owned by Highrise?

The Numbers Game: Understanding Grab Probabilities in Highrise"

Updated over a week ago

How do I check the Reward Probabilities for Grabs?

On a Grab screen, click the little info icon underneath the Grab's name. This will bring up the Spin Rates for that grab and any Swap Rates (if that grab has swapping enabled)

Are the Spin Rates the same for all Grabs?

No, Spin Rates are not the same for all Grabs and change very often. We recommend checking the Spin Rates before you begin spinning any grab.

If an item in a Grab has a 10% Spin Rate, and I've spun it 100 times, how have I not won the item? Is the Grab rigged?

While it might be some bad luck, it's most definitely not rigged. The common misconception here is not realizing each spin is an independent variable.

Imagine our game's spins like reaching into a bag of 100 marbles, where 10 are red (winning marbles) and 90 are blue. Each spin is like pulling out a marble, checking its color, and then putting it back. No matter how many times you reach in, your chance of pulling out a red marble is always 10%.

Just like pulling marbles from the bag, each game spin is an independent event. This means that spinning 100 times doesn't guarantee you'll pull out 10 red marbles. It's completely possible to have a streak of blue ones because every spin is a fresh chance, not affected by the previous or future spins.

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