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What is the Market?
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The Market is a marketplace system that allows you to buy and sell items instantly.

How do I find the Market?

Go to Shop, and click Market on the top left-hand corner. Here is where you can begin to shop around or start listing your own inventory extras.

How do I list items?

  • Once you've opened the Black Market menu, tap on the ➕ in the upper right to list your items.

  • Select the item you'd like to list and set a price. Each type of rarity will require a different minimum price:

    Common, Uncommon, Rare: 150G

    Epic: 500G

    Legendary: 2,000G

  • On the "List an Item" screen, you'll see a few key bits of info: the current number of listings; the floor price (the minimum price at which you can list) and average price (determined by the typical rates at which that item has been selling). This info is here to give you a better idea of how much your particular item is worth, along with how popular or rare it might be.

  • You can check out your listings and toggle through the filters for Active or Sold listings at any time by tapping on the My Listings tab at the top of the main Market Menu.

  • After you make a sale, return to the My Listings tab and toggle the Sold filter to collect your Gold.

How do I buy items?

When you open the Market, you'll see a page full of newly listed goods. Tap on an item that catches your fancy to open a menu presenting users who currently have that item for sale, and then peruse the listings to find the best deals!

  • Each item will display number of listings, floor price, and average price

  • Scroll through various users to see who's selling for the best price!

Frequently Asked Questions

What items are eligible to be listed on the Market?

The item you list must be:

  1. Tradeable

  2. A clothing item

  3. Not currently available in a secondhand grab or active trade

I listed an item in the Market, and now I can't find it in my inventory. Help!

Don't panic! This is essentially the same behavior as when you place an item inside a trade or Secondhand Grab machine. The item will be returned to you if you cancel the listing.

I listed an item in the Market at the wrong price. How do I edit the listing?

It is currently not possible to edit an active listing. Instead, you can remove the listing to return the item to your inventory and then list it again at the correct price.

Note: If you list an item for an incorrect price and it sells before you can cancel and correct it, there is no way to reverse the trade. So please be cautious when listing your items.

Why is there a fee on Market purchases?

This is done to reduce Gold inflation in the Highrise economy. We want your Gold and items to maintain value over time, and the simplest way to do this is to place a small fee on player-to-player transactions.

Why do my listings expire?
To efficiently manage the high volume of Market listings, we've introduced a 30-day expiration policy. After this period, expired listings will be removed from the Market and restored to your account.

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