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Why are my items missing?
Updated over a week ago

Don't worry if you can't seem to find your favorite plushie! When you so thoroughly imbue virtual items with life of their own, it is to be expected that they will occasionally go rogue and simply up and disappear to who knows what god-forsaken place for their occult plushie rituals.

A simple restart will bring any missing item home again!

Double tap on the home button on your device. Swipe up on the preview for Highrise, and then reload the app. Any missing items should reappear in their respective clothing, furniture or gold bar inventory.

Still not there?

We can help track it down!

In your support ticket, be sure to include such information as:

  1. When you first acquired the item, and from whom

  2. When you first noticed it missing

  3. Was it ever in your Storefront?

  4. Was it ever in trade?

  5. With whom were you trading, and when?

  6. What's its favorite bedtime snack?

  7. Were you wearing it during an update?

  8. And any other information which may be useful! If you notice it disappeared after you equipped a new grab item, for example, we may be able to trace whatever bug caused it to vanish.

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