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Why Do Items Have Different Rarities?
Why Do Items Have Different Rarities?

Unveiling the Value Hierarchy: Understanding Item Rarity in Highrise"

Updated over a week ago

Every item in Highrise has its own unique value, and not all items are created equal! Some items are rarer, and as such, they hold more value in the marketplace and there are fewer of them in Highrise.

Each item falls into one of four categories: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. This is a measure of an item's rarity and value, with Legendary items being the most rare and valuable.

When you spin in the game (which is based on chance), for gold grabs, you'll receive either a “rare” item or an “epic” item. Rare items will drop more frequently than Epic items. Once you've spun and received every item in a gold grab, you'll be rewarded with a Legendary item!

On the other hand, for bubble grabs, you're more likely to spin a common item than a rare one. However, once you've won all items in a bubble grab, you'll receive the Epic item for the set.

Keep in mind that gold grabs expire sooner than bubble grabs. That's why you might see some players wearing items that aren't currently available in our shop. Don't worry, though, as most items from expired grabs can be purchased from other players in the trade section or with gold. So, keep spinning and trading to collect all your favorite items!

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