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What is the SkyRise Mall?
What is the SkyRise Mall?
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Eat, shop, play: aside from sounding like something you might find on an advertisement for a luxury apartment overlooking a few mediocre restaurants and nail salons, SkyRise Mall is the hub for your virtual shopping experiences. We've captured the quintessential mall hangout vibe, so feel free to chill, hangout, and peep the available wares.

How do I enter the Mall?

From the virtual world, tap on the 🌐Rooms icon in the upper left corner of your screen to pull up the Rooms Directory. SkyRise Mall is pinned to the top of the Active Rooms list, and will sit underneath the Welcome Plaza and Highrise Creature Club room.

Once you're in the main SkyRise Mall lobby, you can cruise around the room to access special grabs and item collections from the local NPCs, and teleport to Highrise-Brand storefronts.

Collections & Grabs

The Mall is populated by several NPCs who each have a "Shop" or "Grab" bubble above their heads. Below are listed some of the different goods they offer: each bullet has its own page in our FAQ.

  • Item Collections such as RISE Apparel

  • Brand Grabs: featured collections designed by Highrise users in the Brands Program

  • Highrise-Brand Grabs: these are house-made collections created around a unified aesthetic. Deerly & Elixir are our debut house-made brands!

  • Heart Mart and other unique-token grabs. These collections require a specific type of currency to spin.

  • Flash Bots: these special dudes appear at random for limited times, and offer a selection of items you won't find anywhere else.


Use Teleports in the Lobby to access other rooms inside the SkyRise Mall.

  • Tap on the Silver Teleports to visit the different store rooms. There's a teleport in front of the storefronts for Deerly, Elixir and RISE apparel that will take you to their respective rooms.

  • Tap on the Blue Teleports in the center of the Lobby to access the upper floors of the Lobby room.

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