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What are Creature Coins and how can I earn them?
What are Creature Coins and how can I earn them?
Updated over a week ago

Creature Coins are special tokens awarded daily to members of the Highrise Creature Club, **to spin exclusive grabs within the Highrise app. In order to receive these coins, you must own at least one Highrise Creature Club NFT.

How Many Coins Will I Receive Each Day?

Each Epic Creature held awards 25 Creature Coins daily.

  • 1 Creature = 25 coins

  • 10 Creatures = 250 coins

Each Legendary Creature held awards 75 Creature Coins daily.

  • 1 Legendary Creature = 75 coins

  • 10 Legendary Creatures = 750 coins

Where Will They Be Delivered?

Creature Coins will be delivered to the gift section of your inbox within the Highrise app daily.

You must claim them within 24 hours or they will vanish!

How Can I Use Them?

Within the Highrise App, go to the “Shop” tab then “Featured Grabs.” Here you will find exclusive Creature grabs that can only be spun with Creature Coins! The cost to spin these exclusive grabs may vary from time to time. All items obtained from these grabs are tradable in-game!

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