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What Are the Benefits of Owning Highrise LAND?
What Are the Benefits of Owning Highrise LAND?
Updated over a week ago
  1. LAND owners will have the ability to create customizable rooms within their tower; host richer experiences, earn their own income and manage their own economy!

  2. LAND owners will soon be able to link their Highrise Room to their LAND Plots: Highrise Rooms can be linked to plots on the LAND map. This will allows users to access and display deep-links to their room on the map and also give them access to an exclusive boosts on their room’s max capacity.

  3. LAND Tokens are a custom currency that is similar to Creature Coins. Holders will soon receive LAND Tokens for each standard LAND Plot they own on a daily basis, with a bonus in the case of premium plots. If they own an Estate, they will receive the tokens for each plot that make up the estate.

  4. LAND Tokens will soon be used to purchase furniture from an exclusive shop for LAND owners. All furniture that has ever been released can be found in the shop (with the exception of furniture that has only been used in official rooms, that were sold for gold or were never publicly available). The furniture purchased in the LAND Shop will be account bound.

  5. Boost Tokens and Voice Tokens will also be available in the upcoming LAND Shop.

  6. Exclusive grabs for LAND owners will be periodically released. These grabs contain exclusive furniture items, and even new rare and exclusive versions of the Slime Pets as rewards.

  7. LAND owners will be able to add extra room capacity to the Rooms linked to their LAND plots. If the LAND plot is standard, the room capacity can be boosted up to 75 users. If the plot is Premium, the room capacity can be boosted up to 120 users.

  8. LAND owners will receive surprise Airdrops with miscellaneous furniture items.

  9. LAND owners will have access to the exclusive LAND channel in the official Highrise Discord server. They will have access to periodical giveaways and contests, with rewards of exclusive versions of furniture and even pets.

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