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What is Highrise LAND?
What is Highrise LAND?
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What is Highrise LAND?

Highrise LAND is a forthcoming innovative virtual world built on a blockchain of digital tokens. Each token represents a unique and valuable land space with a distinct location and size. As a Highrise LAND owner, you'll be able to explore, expand, and develop your land space in a variety of ways. Unlock unprecedented opportunities for self-expression in a world of multifarious possibilities!

Creature Island

Creature Island is Highrise's pioneering venture into the world of virtual real estate. The virtual map is composed of 6,666 parcels. Of these parcels, 666 are designated as premium plots while 6,000 are designated as regular plots. Following the development of LAND, LAND owners will have the creative freedom to develop and manage their own virtual kingdoms.

Types of Parcels Visible on the Map: []

LAND: An individual parcel.
Estate: Larger domains composed of multiple parcels: one owner.
District: Larger domains composed of multiple parcels: multiple owners.


Secondary Market to Buy, Sell or Transfer LAND:
How to Purchase LAND:
LAND Map: See which Slime-blob Pet is assigned to a certain LAND here!

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