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How to create Estates
How to create Estates
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Level up your LAND! Creating an Estate gives you a few extra creative & promotional perks, including bigger rooms, customized thumbnails, and direct, personalized URL links to your world. Ready to start building?

Getting Started

First, make sure you have connected a wallet to your Highrise Account. You can find more details on how to connect ImmutableX to Highrise in the other FAQ in this segment, titled "How do I create and link a wallet to my Highrise account?"

Second, check what kind of LAND you own: only L1 LAND is available for Estate creation. This means that your LAND parcel must live on the blockchain. Any LAND acquired using Highrise LAND Deeds was not originally minted on the blockchain, so it won't be eligible for Estate creation.

Please note that gas fees are required in order to create your Estate.

Third, note the quantity of LAND required for each Estate. Here are the available dimensions of LAND Estates and the parcels you'll need to create them:

  • 3x3

  • 6x6

  • 9x9

  • 12x12

Create your Estate

  1. Log in to on web and navigate from the Inventory or Map to your LAND Info menu and hit "Create Estate." Follow this link directly to the Estate creation page:

  2. Next, select which LAND parcels you'd like to use for your Estate in the Map view; parcels will be highlighted in black once selected. Once you're ready to go, hit Approve.

  3. Sign into MetaMask to Approve your Estate creation.

  4. After you've approved your Estate, you can feel free to leave the page while the request is processing.

  5. And... BAM! Come back to find yourself in possession of your very own Highrise Estate!

Dissolve your Estate

Not sure if you want Estate perks, or want to create an even bigger Estate using new LAND plots? Don't worry: you can dissolve your estate at any time.

  1. Head back to Inventory or Map and select the Estate you'd like to dissolve.

  2. Hit the Dissolve button.

  3. Next, sign into MetaMask to confirm the dissolution.

  4. Wow, wasn't that easy? .

Add a Thumbnail

We're all here for the customization, right? Give your Estate a custom thumbnail to give our Creature Island some spice!

  1. From within the Map or Inventory, select your Estate and select Edit Estate. Next, select Upload Photo

  2. Drag & drop or browse your files to find that perfect pic. You can use any of these formats - jpg, jpeg, png, or webp - but make sure your file is no larger than 90KB.

  3. Next, crop your image into a square and hit Upload > Save in order to finalize your thumbnail.

  4. Voila! You just got thumbnailed!

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