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Highrise NFT Safety Tips
Highrise NFT Safety Tips
Updated over a week ago

As a holder of Highrise Creature Club and Highrise LAND NFTs, it's important to stay vigilant against common scam tactics.

Some common scam practices include:

Impersonation of staff and/or trusted community members accounts in the Highrise Discord Server:

Oftentimes, scammers will attempt to mimic profile photos, banners, and usernames of official staff accounts and/or well known members of the community. They will then attempt to reach out to you privately and ask that you to verify your NFT to ensure authenticity. They may also attempt to offer middleman services or offer assistance with the buying and selling of your NFT. All of which are common scam tactics. An example is listed below:

Be sure to compare Discord usernames, Discord join dates and mutual servers. Always verify who you're speaking to within the Highrise Game to ensure you're communicating with the same person on Discord!

Multibridge/Suspicious Links:

When attempting to sell your Highrise Slime Blob or Highrise Creature through the Official listing sites (Immutable X Marketplace, Blur, or TokenTrove), someone may reach out and claim that they are attempting to purchase your asset but are unable to and instead, receive an error. They may attempt to convince you that you haven't updated your wallet and in order to go forward with the sale, you'll need to connect your wallet to a website such as MultiBridger and send you a screenshot that appears similar to the ones shown below:

By going to this website and connecting your wallet, you are granting the scammer complete access and control. They will drain your wallet of all assets and funds, leaving you with nothing.

Avoid connecting your wallet to any website that is sent to you via private message! Only use the Official links provided through the Official Highrise Discord Server or through the Highrise Creature Club and Land Helpshift guides in-app.

False Collections:

It's important to ensure that you're using the official links provided in the Official Highrise Discord Server or through the Highrise Creature Club and Land Helpshift guides in-app to protect yourself from false collections online. False collections are collections that look identical but don't actually provide you with the NFT and associated benefits. It's simply a screenshot from the official collection. You may notice false collections advertise for the Highrise Creature Club and Highrise Land NFTs on Opensea for a cheaper cost.

The original Highrise Creature collection is stationed on a layer-two blockchain system such as Immutable X and TokenTrove. They are not available on Opensea.

Any Highrise Creature Club collection that is listed on Opensea is fake and will result in the loss of your funds if purchased!

Trust Trades:

Trust Trades involve taking another person's word as a verbal promise to follow through with the terms that both parties agreed upon. This may include trusting that funds, in-game items, or an NFT will be sent without the use of an Official Marketplace. Some players will involve a third party "middleman" to participate by holding the NFT and/or funds until the terms that are agreed upon by the buyer and seller is complete. Be cautious when choosing to participate in a Trust Trade. If using a middleman, make sure the middleman is legitamite by verifying who they are through the Highrise platform and not just within the Official Highrise Discord Server.

Impersonation of staff accounts or trusted members of the community is very common!

It's always best to purchase or sell your NFT using the official marketplaces outlined in the Official Highrise Discord Server or through the Highrise Creature Club and Land Helpshift guides in-app.

By participating in trust trades, you risk being scammed. Although someone may appear trustworthy with other community members vouching for their authenticity, it's not unheard of for people to gain trust by establishing a good reputation and in turn, decide to start scamming later on.

Sharing Private Keys or Seed Phrases:

Be aware that sharing your private key or seed phrase is similar to sharing the password of your an account. By sharing your private key or seed phrase, you are granting full access to your wallet to allow for any funds of assets to be transferred out of your wallet and into a scammer's wallet.

NEVER share your private key or seed phrase with anyone! It is not a requirement to buy, sell, or trade an NFT. Also, by allowing someone to create a wallet and give it to you also provides them permanent access to this wallet!

If you ever suspect that your wallet may be compromised, immediately create a new wallet through Metamask and transfer all of your funds and NFTs to the new wallet!


  • Be aware of impersonation accounts - always verify who you're speaking with.

  • Do not click any links provided to you by another person. Always use the official links provided.

  • Be aware of false NFT collections.

  • Avoid participating in Trust Trades.

  • Avoid sharing your private key and/or seed phrase with anyone.

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