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What Is Earned Gold?

Learn About Earned Gold and Earning Real Money From Your Highrise Creations!

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What is Earned Gold?

Earned Gold is a flexible currency awarded to community creators. Item designers, room and World builders, bot creators, and hosts typically receive Earned Gold as compensation for enriching Highrise with their art, worlds and experiences.

How is it used?

Earned Gold can be used just like regular Gold: with it, you can spin grabs, trade, tip, and use it to buy items, Voice Tokens, Room Boost, and more.

However, unlike regular gold, Earned Gold can also be cashed out for real money. The current exchange rate is 750 Gold = $1 USD.

Using Earned Gold in Highrise

The only way to view how much Earned Gold you have is through the Creator Exchange on our Create Portal.

Right now, you cannot view your Earned Gold balance in either the mobile Highrise app, or on our website.

When you visit the Creator Exchange, you may view your total Earned Gold below the description for Cashout requirements. This number does not include your regular Gold.

Please note that, again, your total Earned Gold balance is only visible on the Creator Exchange! There is no way to view how much you have in either the mobile Highrise app or on our website . Earned Gold displays as regular Gold in all other Highrise applications.

Spending Earned Gold

Whenever you use gold, payments will preferentially draw from your regular Highrise Gold before tapping into your Earned Gold. If you think of your gold wallet as a big bucket, imagine Earned Gold living at the bottom of the bucket: any purchase you make will scrape away gold from the top of the bucket before reaching your Earned Gold.

However, should you run out of regular gold, you will begin to draw on your Earned Gold funds!

There is no alert to notify you when you are using Earned Gold.

Please keep an eye on your Earned Gold in the Creator Exchange if you would prefer to save it up for a Cashout.

Tipping with Earned Gold

Earned Gold spent in Highrise will always function like regular gold. Anyone you Tip using Earned Gold will receive regular Gold.

Setting Up Your Cashout Account

Visit the Creator Exchange to set up an account and onboard with our payment processing partner, Tipalti.

Here are the overall requirements to Cashout your Earned Gold.

Before you can submit a Cashout Request for your Earned Gold, you’ll need to meet the following criteria:

  1. Only one cash out request per calendar month: when planning your withdrawals, please bear in mind that processing your request may take up to 30 days. As such, we only support one cashout per user per month.

  2. Be at least 13 years of age.

  3. Have at least 35,000 Earned Gold in your account: the Earned Gold you currently own is displayed on the Cashout screen.

    1. You may cash out less than 35,000 EG. However, you must exceed this minimum threshold before you can submit a withdrawal request.

  4. Be in compliance with service requirements: use only your real information when creating an account through Tipalti. Fraudulent activity will result in a ban, with no additional recourse for withdrawing your pending funds.

  5. Be in complete compliance with Highrise TOS and Community Guidelines: suspended and banned accounts are not eligible to cash out. Additionally, HR may deny a cash out request at the discretion of our Trust & Safety team.

  6. Have a W-9 (for US taxpayers) or W-8 (for non-US taxpayers): when onboarding with Tipalti, you’ll need to have your identification ready.

  7. Have a payable Tipalti account on file: tap the link to onboard with Tipalti. We’ll go over the onboarding steps in more detail below.

Onboarding with Tipalti

Before you start, have this information ready:

Your contact information, including your address.

Your payment information. Here are the payment options:

  • Direct Deposit / ACH or Wire Transfer: you’ll need your bank routing number and account number

  • Check: share your address to receive a physical check

  • PayPal: input the email address used for your PayPal account

Tax forms

  • For most US taxpayer individuals, you may use your Social Security Number (SSN) as your TIN (Tax ID Number).

  • For businesses, you may enter your EIN (Employer ID Number).

  • For non-US individual and business entities, you may complete and upload the W-8 8233 form provided by Tipalti.

Submitting a Cashout Request

Once you’ve accrued at least 35,000 Earned Gold, you may request a Cashout.

  1. Cashouts require a minimum of 35,000 EG, but you may withdraw any amount below this threshold (ie, you own 40,000 and can cash out 30,000)

  2. The current exchange rate is 750 Earned Gold = $1 USD.

  3. You may only request a Cashout once per calendar month

After you submit your request, HR Staff will review your submission to ensure you meet our requirements (accurate payment information, good community standing, etc.)

Check the status of your Cashout request and review previous Cashouts by visiting Payment History on the Creator Exchange.

Processing your Cashout may take up to 30 days from the time you submit your Cashout request. Please be patient, but feel free to check in with our team if you notice any issues or unusual delays in your Cashout.


How will I know if I’ve been awarded Earned Gold or Regular Gold?

Most Earned Gold will be sent to you via your Inbox Gifts tab.

Earned Gold will labeled as such in your Gifts tab whenever you win a Concept, host an experience, achieve high Worlds engagement, or win a Highrise-sponsored competition.

In this example, we can see the difference between a regular 5G Gold Gift and a 5G Earned Gold Gift.

While your Earned Gold is distinguishable from regular Gold when you receive it, once you hit “CLAIM” it will enter your wallet and integrate with your other Gold funds. From that point forward, the only way to check your Earned Gold balance is on the Creator Exchange.

Can I cancel my cashout request?

No; once you’ve submitted a Cashout request, there is no way to undo or edit your request. If you’ve made an error, please contact our Support team so we can clear your request and refund your Earned Gold.

How can I change my payment information?

After onboarding with Tipalti, you can update your information any time by visiting the Creator Exchange, and tapping on the link in the Cashout Requirements page that says “payable Tipalti account”.

I already have a Tipalti account from the Pocket Coin era. Can I use it?

No; you’ll have to onboard again. Old accounts are not transferrable, so please onboard with Tipalti again to get set up for Cashout.

I can’t onboard with Tipalti. Can I still Cashout?

No: you need a payable account with Tipalti to receive your funds. If you are unable to finish the onboarding process for any reason (no payment method, no tax ID) you may still use Earned Gold just like regular Gold in Highrise.

Please contact Support for any other issues!

I accidentally spent Earned Gold instead of regular Gold! Can I have a refund?

Unfortunately, we can’t refund accidental purchases! Please be sure to check in on your total Earned Gold reservoir by visiting the Creator Exchange.

I don’t want Earned Gold. Can I have regular Gold for my prize instead?

Lucky you - Earned Gold can be used just like regular Gold in Highrise. If you don’t want to bother with Tipalti, cashing out, or keeping track of how much Earned Gold you have, you can simply spend it as you normally would within the world of Highrise.

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