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Owned Rooms

Create and customize your own 3D spaces in virtual Worlds for events and gatherings. Manage settings and subscriptions easily.

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Welcome to the world of Owned Rooms! 🎉

What are Owned Rooms?

Owned Rooms are your very own 3D spaces within our virtual universe. Think of them as personalized copies of public Worlds that you can customize to fit any occasion. Whether you're hosting a private event, creating a cozy hangout spot, or setting up a themed party, Owned Rooms give you the freedom to tailor the experience to your liking.

How Do I Create an Owned Room?

  1. Visit a World Profile: Head to the profile of the World you want to clone.

  2. Tap the Block Icon: Find the block 🔳 icon next to the ENTER WORLD button and tap it to start creating your room.

  3. Customize Your Room: As the owner, you can adjust key settings like:

    • Room Name

    • Language

    • Moderation Options

    • Visitor Controls: Decideho can enter, enable spectators, set the maximum capacity, and manage banned users.

Why Create an Owned Room?

Owned Rooms offer a unique way to enjoy our virtual universe. You can create special experiences, control who can join, and make sure everything runs smoothly. Plus, it's just fun to have your own space!


While creating an Owned Room is generally free, some World Creators may charge a subscription fee. This fee supports the creator and unlocks even more customization options for you. If subscriptions are enabled, you'll be billed monthly, and you can manage your subscription through your profile settings.

Ready to dive in and create your own magical space? Start exploring Owned Rooms today! 🌟

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