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Why didn't I receive the gold that I purchased?
Why didn't I receive the gold that I purchased?

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Updated over a week ago

Can't spot your newly purchased gold in your Highrise wallet? Fear not, we've got your back (and your gold)! Here's how to make your gold magically appear:

  1. The Log Out-In Dance: Log out of your Highrise account, close the app, do a little jig (optional), and log back in. More often than not, your gold will be there, waiting to greet you!

If that doesn't work, we move to the next level:

  1. The Support SOS: Send us a message via the in-game FAQ. Attach your iTunes or Google receipt (which should pop into your email within three days of purchase). It's like showing us a golden ticket! We'll then validate your purchase and pour the missing gold into your wallet.

So, keep calm, follow these steps, and remember: all that glitters is not lost, it's just waiting to be found!

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