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What Are Room Boosts?

Room Boost: Elevating Your Highrise Room to Stardom

Updated over a week ago

Ever fantasized about your room getting VIP treatment? Being the first thing people see when they open the room's directory? Well, pinch yourself because you're not dreaming! Thanks to Room Boost, you can now buy boost tokens that'll rocket your room to stardom for a whole five minutes per token. Talk about a power move!

What's that? You want more than just a five-minute fame? We've got you covered! With the re-boost feature, you can keep your room shining in the spotlight for as long as your gold reserves last (and we're pretty happy to keep taking that gold, wink wink). The best part? The more you boost, the higher your room climbs in the directory. So get boosting, and watch your room bask in the limelight!

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