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How do I deal with scammers and hackers?
How do I deal with scammers and hackers?
Updated over a week ago

Be wary of scammers! They come in all shapes and sizes.

  • Don’t let anyone borrow your items; oftentimes, they won’t give it back, no matter how ardently they swear they will. We don’t have any way of verifying that an item was meant to be returned, or recovering borrowed items. All trades are final. If you do want to keep your item… Hold on to it!

  • If someone is offering free gold or items, don’t fall for it! This is an easy and terribly common way for people to gain access to your account. Sometimes, you may be sent to webpages advertising-free gold, and which ask for your username, password, and email address. Invariably, this information will be used to enter your account and trade out all your hard-earned clothes and gold.

  • Never never give out your password! Keep your account safe by registering a long, complex password unique to your Highrise account.

  • The only currency to be used in Highrise is gold: this means no cash. If you sell for IRL money, or advertise your kik or Paypal on your profile for the purposes of selling Highrise items or gold then your account may be subject to a suspension. Just keep your transactions limited to virtual currency and in-app channels to avoid a ban!

  • If you see someone advertising free gold or selling for cash, report them! Head to their profile page and tap the ellipses in the upper right to report.

  • Also, bear in mind that if you log into someone's account by tricking them or cracking their password, you are subject to a ban; so just don't do it. Be nice.

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