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What are Highrise house-made Brands?
What are Highrise house-made Brands?
Updated over a week ago

Highrise-made brands are curated collections of items and accessories centered around a unifying aesthetic. These brands feature limited-time grabs, furniture collections, and shop collections purchasable with both Gold and Bubbles.

Current Brands

If you're in the market for a cohesive, updated look, search no more. We'll keep rolling out new brands as we continue to build out both the SkyRise Mall and the Highrise World at large, so you'll always be able to find a brand that suits your identity.


Soft pastels, gentle fabrics, and precious aesthetics. Deerly is born out of a love for all things sweet and innocent. Our Deerly collections bring you colorful item sets inspired by dessert cakes and frostings, and our furniture design is based in the belief that your home should transport you as much as it comforts you. Dream in Deerly ☁️🦋


Edgy doesn't begin to cover it. Elixir takes the dark aesthetics of classic goth and elevates it with simple, elegant modern staples. Elixir is the antidote to overprocessed, oversaturated, and cliche styles, and pares back on excessive fluff to reveal the foundations of the alternative fit: tasteful silhouettes, dark moods, and the eclipse of rules. 🖤

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