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Profile 4.0

Overview of all changes to your profile in 4.0!

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What is Profile 4.0?

Profile 4.0 is a complete overhaul of our user profile design. It showcases animated avatars and allows for a continuous, scrollable profile interface, making it more engaging and user-friendly.

What are the main features of Profile 4.0?

  • Animated Avatars: Your avatar comes to life with subtle animations.

  • Customizable Backgrounds: Choose a background that reflects your personality.

  • Easy-to-Access Social Media Links: Connect your profile to your social media easily.

  • Improved 'Following and Followers' Interface: A revamped interface to see who you're connected with.

  • Enhanced 'Creations' Section: A dedicated space to showcase your creative work.

  • Pinning Feature: Highlight your favorite posts or creations directly on your profile.

How does the new avatar animation work?

Your avatar will now appear animated, giving your profile a dynamic and lively feel. It adds personality and a sense of presence to your profile.

Can I customize my profile background?

Yes! Profile 4.0 allows you to customize your background, emphasizing your individuality. You can choose a background that best represents you.

What's new on the Main Profile Page?

The Main Profile Page displays your avatar behind your profile's content in a slide-up format. You can access various features like settings, closets, and social media links directly from here.

What changed with the Closet Camera in 4.0?

The Closet Camera feature has been enhanced with new functionalities like tap to rotate, pinch to zoom, and separate drawers for background colors and emotes.

How can I access the Showcase feature?

Showcase replaces the Storefront, allowing you to display up to 50 items without additional cost. You can pin items from your profile screen or directly from the Showcase.

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