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Outfit of the Day

Fancy showing off your outfit daily? Look no further!

Updated over a week ago

Get ready to unleash your creativity with our new Outfit of the Day (OOTD) feature! This fun addition allows you to dive into a special closet filled with a random selection of items to style your avatar. Whether you're a new user or a long-time member, OOTD offers a fresh way to engage with daily goals, discover new items, and share your unique looks with the community.

How do I access the OOTD feature?

You can find the OOTD feature under your Daily Goals. Look for a goal labeled "Outfit of the Day" and hit the "Go" button to start.

Do I use my own items for the OOTD?

No, the special OOTD closet provides a unique selection of items that are not from your personal collection. This allows you to experiment with styles and pieces you might not own yet. Get creative and have a blast!

Can I save the outfits I create with the OOTD feature?

The looks you create with OOTD are just for fun and cannot be saved to your avatar or personal closet. However, you're encouraged to take a picture of your creation to share on social media or within our community.

Will I receive any rewards for participating in the OOTD?

Yes, completing the OOTD daily goal will grant you rewards. The type and amount of rewards can vary, so be sure to check the details when you participate.

How can I share my OOTD creations?

After creating your look, you'll have the option to take a picture and share it on social media or on Highris. Use the daily hashtag to connect with others and see the outfits they've put together. Who knows, you might even get inspired!

What happens to my outfit after I share it?

Since the outfit isn't saved to your profile or avatar, sharing it is a way to immortalize your creation. We encourage using the daily hashtag when posting so others can admire your style!

Can I participate in OOTD more than once per day?

Currently, the OOTD feature is designed as a daily goal, meaning you can participate once per day. This ensures every user has a unique and engaging experience each time.

How are the items for the OOTD feature chosen?

The items are randomly selected to fit the day's theme, ensuring a wide variety of styles and possibilities. We also feature special hashtags and themes, like "#ootd-goth-night" or "#ootd-pride", to guide your creativity.

Can I suggest themes or items for future OOTDs?

While the feature currently operates on pre-selected themes and items, we love hearing from our community! Feel free to share your suggestions and ideas for future OOTD themes or items you'd love to see included.

What's next for the OOTD feature?

We're always looking to enhance your experience! Future updates may include integrating your own items into the OOTD closet, additional social sharing options, and even generating videos of your avatar getting styled. Stay tuned for more creative ways to play and share.

Have more questions or need help? Our support team is here to assist you. Dive into OOTD and start expressing your style today!

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