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Directory 4.0
Updated over a week ago

Welcome to Directory 4.0, a fresh way to navigate and discover worlds within our platform. This update brings a streamlined experience to find, follow, and interact with worlds and rooms, making it easier than ever to connect with content you love. Read on to learn more about this exciting new feature!

How do I access Worlds and Rooms?

You can access Worlds and Rooms from the Directory, as well as from the Creations Tab in your profile. Worlds and Rooms are neatly categorized under different tabs for your convenience.

What does the “Beta” label next to Worlds mean?

The “Beta” label indicates that the Worlds feature is in a testing phase. We're constantly looking to improve, and your feedback during this phase is invaluable!

How are Worlds and Rooms displayed in the Directory?

In the Directory, you'll first see Worlds you're following, followed by a Spotlight section featuring handpicked Worlds by our Live Ops team. The Spotlight section has infinite scrolling, allowing you to discover an endless array of popular and emerging Worlds.

How can I search for specific Worlds or Rooms?

Access the Worlds Search via the top right corner of the Worlds Directory. You can use suggested keywords for quick searches or type in your query for more specific results. Rooms and Worlds have separate tabs for easier navigation.

What is a World Slide Up?

Tapping on a World opens up the World Slide Up, providing detailed information about the World, including user scores, total visits, and a brief description. It's a quick and convenient way to learn more about a World before joining.

Can I follow or like a World?

Yes! You can follow Worlds to see their posts in your feed and under the "Following" section in the Directory. You can also like or dislike a World, but you cannot do both simultaneously.

What are World Stats?

World Stats give you a quick overview of a World’s popularity and engagement. Stats include the number of active users, user score percentage, total followers, total visits, and the creation date of the World.

Can I see who else is following a World?

Yes, tapping on the Followers count in the World Stats will open up the Followers Screen, showing you friends who are following the World first, followed by other users sorted by recency.

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