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Making Your Experience Stick

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What is Pinning?

Imagine being a wizard in your own app kingdom, conjuring your most beloved content to the forefront of your realm. That’s what our Pinning feature is all about! Whether it's showcasing your persona in your Profile or keeping crucial convos at your fingertips in the Inbox, Pinning lets you highlight what matters most.

📍 Where can I use Pinning?

We've added Pinning to anywhere something can be Pinned. Here's where you can find the feature:

  • Feed Comments: Spotlight the comments that spark joy.

  • Profile Galore:

    • Posts: Your golden thoughts, now front and center.

    • Creations: All your masterpieces, prominently displayed.

    • Showcase: Your personal hall of fame.

How to Pin:


Want to show one of your posts at the top of your profile? No worries, we got you. Simply navigate to the post, then tap and hold the post and choose the Pin option. Your post will now be pinned to the top of your profile for all to see. Want to unpin it? Follow the same steps, but choose 'unpin'!

You can only use the pinning and unpinning feature from your own profile. If you happen to see your post in the regular feed, there will be no pinning option there.


Has someone left you a nice comment you'd like to give some love to? Pin it simply by tapping and holding the comment then choosing the Pin option. Do the same in reverse to unpin it!


Fancy pinning some of your best work? No worries, you'll be able to pin Assets, Worlds, and Rooms you've created to show off to everyone on Highrise. Simply click on the item you wish to pin, click on the ellipses icon "•••” and choose the Pin option. That's it!


  • Profile: From your profile, you can just simply tap and hold to bring up the pinning option.

  • Showcase: In showcases, you can click hold down tap, and hold on any showcase to bring up the Unpin option. Simply click it to remove an item from your showcase.

Common Questions:

How do I know if something has been Pinned?

After you pin an item, we'll give you a little message for confirmation and then add a pin icon 📌 onto whatever is pinned to let you and any onlookers know.

Can I organize my Pins?

You can't organize pins; whatever your most recent Pin is will show above all the rest and become king 👑.

Is there a limit to the number of things that can be Pinned?

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