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Inbox Optimizations
Inbox Optimizations

Inbox Optimizations: Easily pin, edit, and delete messages. Chatting smoothly has never been easier!

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Welcome to Our New Inbox Experience

With our latest optimizations, managing your messages is now easier and more efficient. Whether you're looking to highlight important messages, amend previously sent ones, or tidy up your chat history, these new features bring a wealth of possibilities right to your fingertips. Let’s dive into the details!

📌Pinning a Message📌

What is pinning?

Pinning a message allows you to highlight important messages at the top of your chat, making them readily accessible.

How do I pin a message?

Simply tap and hold the message you wish to pin, then select "Pin Message" from the menu. This will secure the message at the top of your conversation, marked with a pin icon📌

Can I pin any message?

You can pin text messages, media messages, invites, and more. The general rule is that it is most likely pinnable if it's sent from another user. Messages sent by us like your event placements are not.

Is there a limit to how many messages I can pin?

You can pin up to 50 messages in any chat type, including group and crew chats.

How do I view all pinned messages?

Tap on the pinned message or the pin icon near the top of the chat to open a slide-up panel displaying all pinned messages.

What happens when I unpin a message?

Unpinning a message will remove it from the pinned messages panel. If there are other pinned messages, the next most recent one will be displayed at the top.

🗑️Deleting a Message🗑️

How do I delete a message?

To delete a message, tap and hold it, then choose "Delete Message" from the action menu. Confirm your decision in the popup alert.

What types of messages can I delete?

You can delete text messages and invites. Messages integral to group management or trade confirmations cannot be deleted to preserve chat integrity.

What does the chat look like after a message is deleted?

Deleted messages are replaced with a placeholder text "deleted a message." This helps indicate where conversations have been modified.

✏️Editing a Message✏️

Can I edit any message?

You can edit text messages within 15 minutes of sending them. After this period, the edit option will not be available.

How do I edit a message?

Press and hold the message, then select "Edit" from the action menu. The original message will populate the chat input area for you to make changes.

What changes can I make when editing?

You can alter the text as needed. Once edited, the message will display "(edited)" to indicate changes were made.

Is there a limit to how many times I can edit a message?

Yes, a message can only be edited up to 10 times to prevent abuse of this feature.

🎞️Sending GIFs🎞️

How do I send a GIF in a message?

Tap the GIF button located in the Inbox near the text entry bar. The GIF drawer will open to an empty search bar where you can type keywords to find the perfect GIF or browse trending GIFs. Simply tap on the GIF you wish to send. It will automatically send to the chat without closing the GIF drawer, allowing you to send multiple GIFs quickly.

Do I need to be an HR+ Subscriber to send GIFs?

Nope! This feature is free for all of our users. So, make sure to add some life to your chats with some gifs!

Lets Dance Dancing GIF by Luke Alexander

Can I send multiple GIFs at once?

Yes, you can continue to select and send GIFs as long as the GIF drawer is open. Each GIF will be sent upon selection.

What is the source of the GIFs?

GIFs are powered by Tenor, providing a vast library of animated images to express any emotion or reaction you might want to share. Tenor also ensures that all GIFs on its platform are safe for work. So you can rest easy knowing you won't be sent a GIF that violates our guidelines.

Can I save GIFs from a chat?

Yes, you can download any GIF to your device. Simply tap and hold on the GIF in your chat and select 'Download' from the action menu.

What happens if I tap on a GIF in a chat?

Tapping a GIF will open it in a full-screen media viewer, giving you a closer look. Swipe down or tap the screen to exit the full-screen view.

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