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How Do I Design My Room and Add More Furniture?
How Do I Design My Room and Add More Furniture?

Creating Your Dream Space: Designing and Customizing Your Highrise Room with Style

Updated over a week ago

Got your eye on some virtual IKEA-like swank? Got your creative juices flowing like a rushing waterfall? Well, let's turn your pixel pad into the plush palace of your dreams! If you're wondering where to snag that ritzy furniture, check this out.

Sprinkle on some furniture

  1. Flex your interior designer muscle by tapping the artsy pencil icon in the corner of your screen. Remember, you gotta be in a room where you're the boss of design!

  2. A fancy menu will pop up at the screen's bottom, revealing your glorious collection of furniture. Filter your furniture and floors/walls by giving those icons next to 'all' a friendly poke.

  3. Can't find that exquisite Chesterfield sofa you own? Don't sweat, just type its name in the search bar. If you own it, we'll sniff it out!

  4. Now comes the fun part - play virtual dollhouse by dragging and dropping your furniture just where you want it!

Shuffle it up

  1. Want to rearrange? Just grab that chic chair or fabulous painting and drag it around like it's dance night!

  2. Change the axes of movement in the Item Menu to move your items vertically or horizontally - the perfect trick for constructing those lofty towers!

  3. Some items come with bonus features in the Item Menu:

    • "Set Teleport Destination" changes where players land via teleport or contact with moving items.

    • "Set Speed" is for the speedsters out there - the higher the number, the faster your items!

    • "Change State" is for the multi-taskers. Tap it to change the height of blocks, the state of the curtains, and more!

  4. Once your room is looking more Pinterest than pixel, tap on the 'Save' icon in the upper right corner. If you suddenly get designer's remorse, hit 'exit' in the left corner to cancel all changes, or 'Undo' to reverse your last tweak.

Time to let your creativity run wild, we can't wait to see what magic you weave!

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