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What Items Can I Buy in the Shop?
What Items Can I Buy in the Shop?
Updated over a week ago

Don't deny it, we're all shopaholics here in Highrise. The best part? No need to leave the comfort of your virtual home to scratch that shopping itch! From the latest fashions to the swankiest furniture, it's all available at our Shop.

  • Getting to our store is as easy as pie. Just give that "Store" tab a friendly tap. It's the one lounging on your screen's bottom bar, can't miss it!

  • Once inside, the shop's all yours. The front page greets you with the latest hauls and standout collections. Cruise through our distinct sections (Clothing, Interior, Face&Body, Grabs, and Cash), it's a fun joyride at the top of your screen.

  • Our top bar is your personal shopping assistant. Want to see the star-studded clothing and furniture collections? Interested in shopping by category? It's got you covered. And remember, you can trade with bubbles or gold, whatever tickles your fancy!

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