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What should I do if my items are buggy?
What should I do if my items are buggy?
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How to make a report

Sometimes you may encounter a buggy item - maybe a strand of hair won't change color, or your avatar's clothing clips or layers incorrectly. If you notice an item is buggy or glitched, first delete and reinstall your app to make sure you have the most up-to-date version.

To report an item bug or suggest an edit to an item, tap "Contact Us" at the top right of this page. You will be connected with our Concierge Desk: please tell the concierge you want to report a buggy item. Our concierge team will ask you a few more questions to help filter your requests.

Once you are ready to make your report, please be as descriptive as possible about the issue you are experiencing.

List the names of any items affected, and include photos or videos. This really helps us to understand the issue.

We will have the team assess the issue and determine if it's something we can fix. Please read the info below about how we determine if we can and should edit items.

Objective bug vs. Subjective feedback

When we get a request to edit an item, we try to determine whether it is an objective bug vs subjective feedback.

An objective bug is when an item is significantly broken, flawed or improperly set up. As the item is not functioning as intended, leaving an item in the game in this state lowers the quality of our game.

Examples include:

  • Color changing parts not working (skin, hair, eye color)

  • Part of the item or avatar is missing

Subjective feedback is a request based on the user's personal preference. The item isn't technically broken or buggy. The item is functioning as intended, but some users might prefer it to be different.

Examples include:

  • This item should be blue, not red

  • The position of this item is a little weird

When fixing bugs or editing items, we are always trying to improve the quality of our game. We definitely want to fix objective bugs, but subjective feedback is trickier. Sometimes editing an item that has already been released can have unintended effects: it could change the value of the item, affecting the in-game economy. Or, it could confuse and upset players who liked the item the way it was originally. We often have to assess each request on a case by case basis.

Art Feedback Canny

If you have a suggestion for an item edit, we encourage you to post it in our Canny under Art and Item Suggestions. We use the Canny to collect feedback from players, to learn how to improve the items we make in the future. In Canny, players can upvote suggestions they like, so it's easy to see what's popular amongst the community. If a post is getting a lot of attention in Canny, we will be sure to keep that suggestion in mind.

How we assess whether to change an old item

When we get a report of an item bug or a request to change an item, there are a lot of factors to consider when determining how to proceed.

  1. Is it objectively buggy, flawed, broken or improperly set up? Does it lower the quality of our game?

  2. Can we fix/change this? Sometimes there are objective bugs we don't have the ability to fix with our current system.

  3. Will changing it affect the value of the item(s)?

  4. Are there other users who would prefer the item not be changed?

  5. Is this a user designed item? Is the user who designed this item requesting the change? Did that user have proper opportunity to review the item during the production process or are the requesting a change outside of the allotted feedback opportunity?

Each request will have different considerations, and sometimes we try different things. Overall, we are working to create a standardized policy that makes the community happy and helps create a quality game.

Bugs we can't fix

Unfortunately, there are some bugs or glitches with our items that we can't fix with our current system. In these cases, even though we all agree the item is buggy or flawed, we simply have to let it go.

Here's some examples of common bugs/glitches that we know about but can't fix:

  • Gloves are layering on top of the shirt sleeves

  • Pupils are animating outside the bounds of the eye

You can still report these issues and we will collect your reports to better understand and prioritize how our system can be improved.

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