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What if I forgot my password?
Updated over a week ago

No worries! Resetting is easy.

If you're still logged in, you can reset a password you've forgotten by taking these steps.

  1. First, register a proper email address to your account. Head to Settings (by clicking the three dots in the upper right-hand corner on your profile page ) and confirm that the email registered to your account is one that you have access to.

  2. Log out of your account. I know, this part is scary!

  3. Hit the "Forgot Password" button on the login page to receive an email with a link to a full password reset page.

  4. Just follow the link, and type in your new password! You should then be able to log back in using your newly set password.

  5. Remember that you can reset your password anything on your Highrise Settings page. It's a good idea to keep your passwords long, complex, and different from your other passwords!

Locked out!

Forgot your password, but not receiving a link? This may mean that you've never registered an email or you have lost access to your registered email account.

No worries though, our concierge team can help! Just send us an email to [email protected] with your recovery request. Please keep in mind that only the original creator of an account can recover it. When you write in you'll be asked to answer a few security questions, and once we confirm them we'll send you a new password.

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