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How do I trade?
Updated over a week ago

See someone selling an item you like, or want to swap with a friend? Trade away!

How to Trade

  • Trade items and gold with any player by first sending them a message! Once you are in chat, hit the trade option to the left of the text field, then choose "start a trade" to initiate a trade.

  • Tap on any of the nine blank squares to add an item from your inventory. You’ll be able see the items your trading partner enters on their side of the trade window.

  • After entering your items/gold into the trade box, hit "Lock." Both you and your partner will have to lock and confirm the trade in order to finish the transaction and each receive your end of the bargain.

  • Be sure to keep an eye on the items in your trading partner’s box! Some wily players will remove their items at the last second before you both lock and confirm. However, if your trading partner unlocks the trade after you’ve confirmed, the trade will be unlocked on your end as well, and you’ll have to restart the lock>confirmation sequence.

  • Hit Collect to claim your new item! This closes the trade sequence; both parties will need to collect the trade before new items may be entered into trade again. Your new item will be automatically added to your inventory.

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