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How do I use Voice Chat?
How do I use Voice Chat?

Unleash the Power of Voice: A Guide to Using Voice Chat in Highrise

Updated over a week ago

Looking to liven up your rooms with the sound of voices? Let's add a pinch of Voice Chat! It's easy for the room owner and moderators to start the party under the "People in Room" menu. Just part with 200 gold for an hour of voice chat magic. Don't worry, if an hour isn't enough, you can always extend the fun.

A couple of pop-ups will pop up when you start. One is just checking if we can use your microphone (you know, for the voice part of Voice Chat). If you accidentally hit "deny", you'll need to pop into your device's settings to allow access.

Once you've got the Voice Chat up and running, you can mute your mic with a tap if you need a moment of silence. As the room owner or moderator, you also get the power to invite anyone in the room to join the voice chat. Don't worry, they'll get a friendly pop-up invite to join the chat.

Keep an eye on the Visitors Bar - it'll show you who's got Voice Chat privileges. If you see a crossed-out mic, it means that player is currently keeping quiet.

You'll see the following options on the Voice Chat menu:

  • Deafen Voice: For when you need a little peace and quiet.

  • Report the Room's Voice: If there's something not quite right, you can send a report to the person who started the voice chat.

  • End Voice: Only the room owner or moderator can use this to end the voice chat.

Wondering why Voice Chat costs gold? It's not just to fill our coffers! The partner we're working with to provide Voice Chat charges us a pretty penny. The gold fee helps us cover some of those costs. Plus, by making it a paid feature, it helps us keep trolls and negativity at bay for a friendlier chat experience.

As for the age restriction, we put it in place to keep our younger players safe. They won't be able to start Voice Chat or see rooms with Voice Chat in their directory if they are under 18. Safety first, fun second!

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