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How do I change my username?
Updated over a week ago

How do I change my username?

Players can change their username by visiting their account's settings page and selecting the "Username" option under account management. Please see the image below if you are having trouble locating this option.

What happens when I change my username?

When a player changes their username, this changes their username everywhere on the application. The username that you use to log in is also changed to your newly set username.

Does it cost gold to change my username?

All players receive one name change for free but all name changes after that will cost 10,000 gold.

Can I revert back to my old username?

After any name change, players receive a 14-day period where they can revert to their original username for free. During that 14-day window, their original username is reserved which will prevent other players from taking it. However, if these 14-days lapse then players will have to pay 10,000 coins if they wish to change their username back. Please note though that the username may be taken by other players once the 14 day period passes so it may no longer be available.

Can I change my username to anything I want?

Players can only change their username to a username that is available. So if the username you are seeking is already taken by another user you will not be able to choose it. On top of this, the standard username rules apply.

If a user is inactive can I have their username?

Players cannot take over inactive usernames, sorry. If a player has a username set then that username cannot be used by anyone else even if that player has not been active for a while.

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