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Account Frozen for Being Underage
Account Frozen for Being Underage

Has your account been frozen? Check here for appeal steps

Updated over a week ago

The minimum age to be a member of Highrise is 13. If our system suspects that you are under the age of 13 or have an incorrect date of birth, it may freeze your account.

To make this process quick and secure for our community, we've teamed up with Persona for verification. This allows you to verify your age inside the Highrise app.

Here's how to verify your age:

1) Log into your Highrise account.

2) Tap 'Verify My Age'.

3) Select your language at the bottom left, then tap 'Begin Verifying'.

4) Enter your Highrise username.

5) Select your country and identification type.

6) Follow the instructions to capture or upload your ID.
7) You will receive a message letting you know if it was accepted.

If your verification is accepted, you will be able to log back into your Highrise account right away. Your date of birth will be automatically updated if it does not match the one you originally registered with.

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